Mail Print Installs HP T200 Inkjet Web Press to Boost Productivity

KANSAS CITY, MO—March 20, 2012—In an industry where companies are struggling to change, Mail Print is one of the few regional printers adding staff and equipment in 2012. Its investment in a HP T200 inkjet web press is equivalent to an all-star team acquiring an all-star player. Same great team, but now stronger, faster and more capable than before.

Mail Print, a direct-mail and variable-data print leader in the Midwest, has installed a HP T200 to expand its full-color, variable-data printing capabilities for the production of personalized direct-mail materials. The addition enables the company to expand its ability to help customers reduce their inventory abyss by printing four-color variable data pieces in small or large runs rather than print offset “shells” with black imprinting added to achieve the same outcome price wise.

One of Mail Print’s typical programs is printing customized coupon booklets for a North American entertainment venue, which requires customized materials tailored to clients. The HP T200 will reduce production time by over 50 percent.

“Being on the leading edge of technology can be a significant game changer for our clients,” says Mail Print CEO Gina Danner. “The T200 technology is the ideal printing application for large mailers, advertising agencies, marketing firms and corporate marketing clients.”

Danner also noted that many print providers are hindered by a lack of experience with variable data printing applications. Many printers find that the intricacies of data mining, manipulation and the more complex mailing process push the limits of their experience.

“Mail Print has been a leader in variable data printing for over 18 years and the addition of the HP T200 is simply the next step in our evolution. This press allows us to print longer variable runs in full color, where literally every piece of mail is unique, at a cost similar to traditional methods of color shells and black imprinting. Our clients know that color variable printing raises response and purchase rates,” says Danner.

Mail Print is the leading provider in the Midwest with a HP T200. It will continue to use its four HP Indigo digital presses, which combined produce about 5 million pieces of collateral a month. The HP T200 is able to produce in excess of 20 million pieces of collateral a month.

About Mail Print
Mail Print specializes in the execution and delivery of complex, data-driven multi-channel direct marketing. Mail Print is a premier partner and test site for HP Indigo and a variety of software providers. The company is also an industry leader in the latest direct marketing technologies, including Variable Data Printing, Personalized URLs Web-to-Print, and Print Automation workflows. Mail Print owns and operates a state of the art integrated technology and production facility and has served the direct mail and printing needs of the Midwest for almost 24 years.

Source: Mail Print.

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