Lyon College Uses Cross-media to Drive New Applications – PODi Case Study

The admissions department at Lyon College, a liberal arts college located in Batesville, AR, decided to implement a cross-media campaign geared toward their target market of high school seniors. Pictured here is the outside of the mailer, with the student's name, and an Augmented Reality trigger.

Personalized landing page of campaign.

Reminder e-mail of the campaign.

The creative for the direct mail piece emphasized the iPad offer and interactivity of the campaign. The front of the initial postcard was designed to look like an iPad screen. First name personalization and a Personalized URL were featured on both the front and the back.

A Personalized URL was also featured on the back of the piece.

The inside of the mailer featured the prospect's name, engaging messages about Lyon College in "text" format, major of interest and preferred activity.

Vertical Market: Education
Business Application: Direct Marketing/Lead Generation

Business Objectives
Lyon College is a small, liberal arts college located in Batesville, AR. After a few years of repeating a similar recruitment campaign, the admissions department decided to implement a cross-media campaign geared toward their target market of high school seniors.

  • During the first quarter of this campaign, Lyon College had anticipated/budgeted an 11 percent increase in responses over the previous year.
  • The goal in terms of anticipated applications received was 655.

Working with CustomXM, a cross-media campaign was developed that incorporated direct mail, personalized landing pages, e-mail and augmented reality. This campaign began in August 2012 and as of November 2012 had already achieved impressive results.

  • 2.85 percent of recipients visited their Personalized URL.
  • Of those that visited their Personalized URL, 70 percent of the respondents completed the online survey/entry form.
  • 76 percent increase in applications received compared to the same time period of the previous year.
  • 1,116 applications received. This represents a 70 percent increase over the goal.
  • The total applications received as of November 2012 already exceeded the total number of applications received during the ENTIRE benchmark year of 2009, which was one of the best recruitment years on record.
  • 50 percent increase in acceptances (applicants who have qualified for admission) compared to same time period of previous year.
  • Deposits received for holding a place in the 2013 freshmen class, increased 18.6 percent as compared to previous year.
  • Additionally, certain direct mail pieces sent in previous years were NOT sent this year, in favor of fewer, more personalized pieces. As a result, total direct marketing spend for this campaign as compared to 2011 decreased nearly 30 percent.

Campaign Architecture
The campaign began with a personalized direct mail postcard that enticed prospective students to provide information such as field of study and extracurricular interests in their response to a Personalized URL. Lyon College used this information to follow up with customized relevant marketing pieces, in an effort to maximize their college recruitment efforts.

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