Rolls Out Free Book Publishing Advice Tool for Authors

RALEIGH, NC—June 28, 2012—, the leader in open-publishing, announced the launch of the Lulu Publishing Advisor, a new tool designed to give authors of all backgrounds and levels of experience customized publishing advice for their books—for free.

“The Lulu Publishing Advisor gives authors the advice they wish they’d had before they made a mistake,” explained Sarah Gilbert, director of services at “Publishing Advisor is a fun, easy tool that gives honest, upfront tips for making a book better, from basic editing recommendations to how to best market a title. Its not the advice your mother or best friend would tell you, but what you need to hear to become the next bestseller.”

By completing five simple questions about their book, authors will receive a fully customized publishing recommendation based on their answers. The tool is built to gauge where a writer is at in terms of concept, editing, marketing and distribution, and provide the next, most logical steps for their title.

The new tool will also provide links for further information and resources, as well as contact with a dedicated Lulu representative. The Publishing Advisor better equips authors to make informed decisions throughout their publishing experience.

“So far, authors have loved the Publishing Advisor,” reported Gilbert. “Some have even changed their answers upwards of 20 times to see what the different results would be for their book. The Lulu Publishing Advisor is a great tool for setting realistic writing goals with help from real publishing professionals. Its just one more way Lulu is helping authors sell more books.”

No matter if an author is out to make a mint, or just share an idea, the Lulu Publishing Advisor is designed to provide a clearer idea of which route to take with their remarkable works.

About Lulu, founded in 2002, is a one-stop shop where, with a few clicks of a button, anyone can publish anything as a print book or eBook for free and sell it to customers all over the world. Lulu has helped over 1 million creators publish in over 200 countries and territories. Creators set their own price and keep full creative and copyright control over their works. With more than 1.2 million titles in their catalogue, Lulu is the clear leader in open-publishing solutions.

Source: Lulu.