Simplifies eBook Creation with New Publishing Tools

RALEIGH, NC—Sep 13, 2011—, the leader in self-publishing, announced today the launch of the free Lulu EPUB Converter, a tool allowing content creators to convert popular word processing formats, such as a Word document, into sellable EPUBs, the most widely adopted format used by eReaders.

Offered for free and built into the Lulu eBook publishing solution, the converter is unique because it fixes or helps creators fix the most common formatting hurdles of EPUB creation. With support from the accompanying Lulu eBook Creator Guide, the creator simply uploads a properly formatted Word .DOC/.DOCX, Open Office or .RTF file and the converter automatically fixes many errors including accepted fonts and extra spacing. This unparalleled level of automation requires less effort on the part of the creator to generate a sellable EPUB that can then be distributed to Lulu’s retail distribution partners to be purchased on the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK.

“Our main goal is help creators sell more books,” says Bob Young, CEO and Founder of Lulu. “The key is to maximize the way their customers discover and purchase works. Through our industry-leading array of professional publishing services, we’re empowering creators to publish and sell the way they, and their readers, want.”

We are announcing even more exciting things soon,” added Young, “All of which will provide creators with a unique one stop, free self-publishing solution featuring an unmatched combination of formats, services and global distribution channels.”

About Lulu, founded in 2002, is the leading self-publishing company in the industry with 1.1 million creators and 20,000 titles added to their collection each month. Lulu provides publishing services free to content creators in exchange for a small percentage of profits from each sale. Lulu provides anyone with the ability to publish print books, eBooks, mini-books, photo books, calendars, cookbooks, and travel books. To learn more, visit the website at