L.P. Thebault–Into the Next Century

J. Brian Thebault, CEO and chairman, explains. “The competitive arena in the commercial printing industry has changed from competing with family-owned organizations to competing on entirely new playing fields with billion-dollar enterprises that hold unlimited resources,” Thebault states. “Projecting into 1999 and beyond, we knew we needed to craft new strategies for growth.”

As 1999 begins, LPT employs 450 workers at three manufacturing sites in New Jersey and services clients including world-renowned businesses, ad agencies and design firms with needs varying from annual reports to promotional pieces to customized direct mail products.

“In order to compete in this increasingly more competitive marketplace, it is essential a company have a strong and unique value proposition,” Claude Monette, president and COO, contends. “LPT is able to provide a total offering solution to its client base—print runs from one to millions, database management, fulfillment, Internet-related solutions, all to meet very demanding schedules.”

Specifically, what are LPT’s value propositions for delivering growth and success in 1999 and beyond?

  • Enhance an already well-established digital prepress department, which currently incorporates Creo and Scitex output technologies, as well as a team of digital color proofers, featuring a Kodak Approval digital halftone proofer.

  • Expand the variable-data marketing power of ThebaultDI.com, making future investments in digital color printing technologies and expanding the operation to better reflect LPT’s commitment to the on-demand marketplace.
  • Acquire printing concerns or invest in new technologies or capabilities that will broaden LPT’s offering on both a local and national scope.
  • Capitalize on the capabilities of its Web-To-Print service, bringing design, marketing and printing together via the Internet for page composition and print control.
  • Face the next century fully prepared, based on more than two years of research and planning regarding Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance issues.

“LPT’s Y2K planning began at the beginning of 1998 and, up to this point, has been focused internally. We have a technology group, made up of members from LPT’s prepress operation and ThebaultDI.com, which is coordinating Year 2000 resolutions internally,” reports Craig Garno, vice president of technology services. “Our work-to-date on Y2K has included a complete inventory of assets throughout the organization, major component testing, contacting equipment suppliers and identifying required fixes or upgrade paths.”

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