Look Who’s Become the Life of the Party (Poster) —Cagle

YET ANOTHER sign that the apocalypse is upon us…

A former PI amigo dropped a line to mention that he’d heard a funny piece on Howard Stern recently. It seems a somewhat forgotten victim of dubious distinction is in the process of quietly rebuilding her life, by teaming up with her fiancé on a specialty printing Website, called originalpartyposters.com.

The company, based in Chats-worth, CA, provides all-occasion posters, predominantly 24×36˝ and 36×48˝ sizes, for celebrations from birthdays, holidays and anniversaries to baby and bridal showers, and corporate events. Originalpartyposters.com also provides ancillary party needs, such as invitations, thank-you cards, place cards and photo albums.

The proprietor is none other than Mary Jo Buttafuoco who, in 1992, was shot in the face by Amy Fisher, the “Long Island Lolita,” who had been having an affair with Mary Jo’s husband, Joey Buttafuoco.

Fisher spent seven years in the pokey and saw several made-for-TV movies relating her tale cranked out, including an Oscar-worthy effort by Alyssa Milano. The Buttafuocos, meanwhile, moved to California, then split in 2003.

While Mary Jo has endured facial reconstructive surgery and is trying to make it in the printing world, her former hubby is having a hard time staying out of lockup. He’s been in jail several times, including earlier this year following a parole violation.

Be thankful it’s Mary Jo who’s in our industry and not someone like, say, Lorena Bobbitt. In a price haggle, no one would ask her how much she could slash off the top end.

Wouldn’t want any flashbacks, right?

RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: I’m cynical and untrusting. I’ve been known to shove Girl Scouts when they try to charge a premium above $3.50 on their thin mints. No one takes me for the fool…

But at a Mitsubishi event in Houston back in the spring, I was floored to hear printers speak, over dinner, about the importance of an equipment salesperson and his/her ability to make or break a deal. Every printer at the table said if they found the sales rep to be reprehensible—or they just don’t like ’em—then no dice.

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