Thames Printing Locks Doors, Sees Power Cut Off

NORWICH, CT—Rumors regarding the demise of Thames Printing were unfortunately true for the company. Employees showed up for work on Aug. 15, only to find the doors locked and the power shut off, according to the Norwich Bulletin.

The firm had conducted business for more than 70 years and employed 60 at the time of its demise, the newspaper reported. Citing court records, the Bulletin noted that the printer’s lender, People’s United Bank, began foreclosure proceedings in April due to a loan default.

When contacted by the newspaper, Plant Manager Gary Sweet would not comment on the closure.

  • Lisa Query

    This is very sad news. My sympathies go to everyone who is impacted by this.

  • old man printer

    This is a very scary time in the printing industry, especially Commercial Printers.

  • George

    That is no way to close a 70 year operation!
    Give the employees a little respect.
    If it was indeed the Bank that closed the plant, then shame on them too!

  • Dave Wilson

    This is a sad commentary for our country as well. We seem to have forgotten the exciting touch and feel of ink on paper and its unique ability to help individuals hold their focus on a subject. Print on paper is both entertaining and educational. Print is being replaced with a screen in a room where most people are able to confuse themselves with worldly nonsense. I will take a good catalog anytime and not have any battery problems. The info hi-way is a great phone book if you need to find something. Have a nice day. I love print. Thank you

  • over here in this line

    What killed them the most…and hardest?
    the customers, unpaid or late payments, the degree of difficulty on finally getting their jobs OKd?
    the HiTech equipment that failed or Cost at least $5,000 to fix it each Time….(that’s a Marty M. expression)?
    too much overhead,
    lack of Government re-development or economic development assistance?
    the economy?
    their previous work is now outsourced to China?
    their customer base has moved to China?…leading to..its printed in China?
    Their state representative is a failure?

  • Printing_Rocks

    Whatever the reasons behind these kind of closures, and I’m sure there are many valid reasons, the folks who work at these companies undoubtedly deserve better than to show up to work only to find a shuttered company. While it may be difficult for the executives of the company and the banks who are shutting an operation down to face the people they are laying off, they at least owe them the courtesy of being there in person with apologies in hand. On a side note, it would be nice if the financial industry who received so much unwarranted help during the GFC to stay afloat, was as helpful to the small businesses and inviduals who are all helping to finance their lack of responsibility.

    All the best to those finding themselves out of work across the country, and good luck to the rest of us.