Little Rock Document Services Streamlines Workflow with Presstek 52DI-AC

Little Rock Document Services’ staff includes (from the left with the Presstek DI): Brian Kroeker, vice president; David Lu, operator; Michael Chan, graphic design; and Rick Kroeker, president.

Calgary firm better positioned for runs of 3,000 to 10,000; cut outsourcing by half.

GREENWICH, CT—April 10, 2012—Presstek Inc. (NASDAQ: PRST), a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries, today reported that Little Rock Document Services of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has enabled continued business growth with the installation of a Presstek 52DI-AC digital offset press. The firm, which has experienced 40% growth year over year for the past two years, currently employs 24 people and generates revenues of just under CAD$5 million.

“We were taxing our Xerox iGen4,” says Rick Kroeker, President, “but I didn’t want to add another one. Instead, I was looking for a solution to take the longer runs off the iGen4 and give us some breathing room. The Presstek 52DI-AC did just that, as well as enabling us to bring outsourced work back in house and gain new clients with our ability to utilize true Pantone ink colors to ensure brand integrity.”

The Presstek 52DI-AC effectively meets demand for high quality, fast turnaround, short run color printing on a wide range of stocks, often at less than one cent per page. The highly automated digital offset press goes from digital file to sellable sheet in 10 minutes, with a maximum sheet size of 520 x 375 mm (20.47×14.76˝).

The in-line coater supports flood and spot coatings and a variety of finishes can be applied including matte, dull, satin and gloss. Anilox metering precisely measures and controls the amount of coating being applied, reducing waste and further enhancing the quality of the printed sheet.

The press features automated support for 300 lpi and FM screening and has both a small environmental and physical footprint. Print quality is further enhanced by utilizing waterless printing technology. The press prints up to 10,000 full-size sheets per hour, and can print on a wide range of stocks ranging from 0.06 to 0.50 mm (0.0024˝ to 0.02˝) thick.

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