LithoTechnics Becomes Metrix Software

EDMONDS, WA—April 27, 2012—LithoTechnics Inc., developer of the Metrix automated job planning and imposition system, announced that the company will begin trading under the name Metrix Software. Along with the new trading name, the company has revamped and rebuilt its website and invites all Metrix fans old and new to come and have a look around.

The first version of Metrix was launched at Drupa 2004, and this year marks the third Drupa for the innovative company. With offices now in the United States, Belgium,and Australia, and start-up days well behind the company, Metrix has grown from a niche product into a recognized leader for production planning and automated imposition.

Hundreds of companies around the world have adopted the technology and have reaped the benefits: faster turnaround, improved efficiency, fewer errors and superior accuracy. Metrix users frequently observe a 50 percent labor savings in their planning and imposition departments, along with unforeseen positive results in the press room, finishing department, estimating, and even sales.

Rohan Holt, CEO of Metrix Software, explained, “Metrix is a single product, but it touches and improves many different areas of the print manufacturing process. Our goal as a company is to provide tools to the printing industry that remove the guesswork and labor intensive processes that linger as relics of the past. Metrix is that tool. It is our sole focus, and the way we are contributing to the modernization, automation, and rationalization of the industry.”

Holt continued, “We’ve been shipping Metrix since 2004, and we now have well over 1,000 Metrix users in 22 countries around the world. Since the company has focused exclusively on enhancing the Metrix product line and building our customer base, the market has come to know us as simply ‘Metrix.’

“Renaming the company Metrix Software reinforces our brand and our focus, and capitalizes on our success. While Metrix is not yet a ‘household name,’ it certainly is recognized by many as the de facto standard in automated production planning and imposition, and we intend to keep building on that achievement,” Holt added.

“Being proud of our achievements doesn’t mean sitting back, however. We are constantly expanding and perfecting our core technology, and there is no shortage of potential applications and enhancements. I expect Metrix Software to be very busy in the coming years, with some exciting announcements even in the near future.”

About Metrix
Metrix Software is a privately held company founded in 2003 by Rohan Holt. Holt invented the first production planning software for the sheetfed market in 1995, and Metrix, Metrix Software’s flagship product, is the culmination of Holt’s years of print production experience and accumulated software design expertise. Metrix, launched in 2004, received the prestigious 2005 PIA/GATF InterTech Technology Award, recognized industry-wide as a symbol of technological innovation and excellence. With offices in Edmonds, WA; Turnhout, Belgium; and south of Sydney, Australia; Metrix Software is a software company focused on providing key tools and technologies to enable print workflow automation. Metrix Software is a full member of the CIP4 Organization.

Source: Metrix.

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