Lithographix Powers Its Future With Solar –Michelson

The solar installation also includes a monitoring system that tracks energy usage of key equipment, such as the printer’s three full-web presses, to gauge the source of peak demand energy spikes in a given month (one of the determinants of utility rates). “For example, we know to never start up two of our webs at the exact same time,” adds the financial exec. “We didn’t even contemplate things like this before. But, it’s the new world we live in.”

Despite the solar system, Lithographix’s various ongoing recycling efforts and plans to install new energy-efficient lighting in the plant, Zebrack admits that—in the current tough economic climate—winning jobs still all comes down to price. “Today, no one is going to pay any more to deal with green vendors.” When the economy does stabilize, he expects that their efforts will provide a sales advantage with movie studios, as well as with progressive firms clustered in the San Francisco Bay area.

“Utilities may have to eventually buy renewable energy from private companies. Maybe we should get all of the companies around us to build solar plants on their rooftops, so we can then sell the clean energy back to the power company,” he quips. “It would sure be a lot easier way to make money than it is trying to earn a living as a printer today.”

Mark T. Michelson

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  • Joe Neri

    Bravo! I sell for one of Lithographix competitors, Monarch Lihto, Inc., and have been urging them for years to install solar paneling on their building in Montebello, CA. Maybe, thiis will push them to make the change to renewable power. Hopefully, Lithographix has started a trend in the printing industry here in California.