Lithographics Produces Chet Atkins Book for The Country Hall of Fame

Nashville—Oct. 7, 2011—The Country Hall of Fame recently completed an exhibit on Nashville’s own “Mr. Guitar,” Chet Atkins. The companion book for the exhibit, titled “Chet Atkins, Certified Guitar Player,” was printed by Lithographics Inc., a family-owned printer serving the Nashville community for the past 36 years.

Lithographics has a well-deserved reputation as a top-notch printer with a talented, motivated staff. As well, Lithographics understands the need to invest in new technology that adds efficiency to its operation. In 2007, Lithographics invested $3 million in three new presses, including Tennessee’s first Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105.

In 2008, Lithographics purchased a five-seat license of Metrix—one of the first installations of Metrix in Tennessee—and has made Metrix technology a cornerstone of its expanding business.

Bert Knight, prepress manager at Lithographics, stated, “Metrix is instrumental in helping our planners and imposition staff find the most efficient way of producing our projects. We often run scenarios for print project quotes through Metrix first, so we can beat the competition’s price, and produce the job with minimal paper waste and maximum run quality.

“The Chet Atkins Book for the Country Music Hall of Fame was a very serious piece for them, and naturally they chose Lithographics to produce it. Metrix made it simple to plan and execute, for an end result that was worthy of our sense of pride, value and excellence.”

Excellence is key at Lithographics. Twyla Lambert Clark, Lithographics sales rep, observed, “…all of the images, the colors, have to be perfect. It has to look just like the exhibit pieces at the museum.”

Warren Denney, creative director at the Country Music Hall of Fame, commented, “Chet was known for his pursuit of perfection. I think that it was very important for us to have a comfort level with the quality of the work that was going to be done.”

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