Like a Super Drupa –Waldman

You guessed it, I just saw Momma Mia and “Like a Super Drupa” keeps rolling around in my head. For those of you not familiar with the show Momma Mia, which is based on the music of ABBA, it’s a must see. Super Trooper, one of ABBA’s huge hits 24 years ago, is one of the show’s toe-tapping standouts with the catchy “Like a Super Trooper.” Being a printer to the core, I just couldn’t help putting my own spin to the tune.

A Super Drupa it should be and, by the time you read this, many will be on their way to Germany to see the world’s biggest print show demonstrating what promises to be the most important advance in printing: JDF (Job Definition Format). In fact, this Drupa has been tagged the JDF Drupa, complete with a JDF Parc. According to CIP4’s executive director, James Harvey, all visitors to JDF Parc will be invited to participate in a JDF demonstration experience. When they arrive, they will be issued a ‘job ticket,’ a card with a unique identification number and space for 12 punches. Visitors will then go to any of the job initiation pods within JDF Parc to begin their ‘job.’

They can then follow their job from station to station. At each station they will receive a punch and eight punches will enable them to enter their ‘job ticket’ into a raffle for prizes. CIP4 (The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress) is an independent organization established for the benefit of the entire industry and is key to the progress and coordination of JDF and JDF standards. All should look into joining since the organization provides a wealth of information on this critical topic.

Printing’s Holy Grail

I have written much about JDF in past PI columns and in many other articles, and I am convinced it’s what the printing industry desperately needs to be an effective force in the future. Although JDF is still very young, all printers should be taking it very seriously. Judging by the enormous effort and money the industry is investing in JDF, it will grow up very quickly.

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