LETTERS to the editor

I’ll put copies in the goody bags for the students and perhaps make copies for the instructors. It might be good for the students to read about the opportunities that are available and the great need.

It occurs to me that we need to inform the instructors, counselors and administrators, as well.

Sue Rodman
Educational Foundation Director

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the article, “Skilled Labor: Help Wanted!”—an excellent overview of the challenges we face, and what many of us are doing about attracting new workers to the industry.

Ted Ringman wrote about the Ambassadors for Print program in Virginia, a program developed and financed by the Virginia Printing Foundation, which deserves great credit for its visionary leadership.

Thank you for recognizing the Virginia Printing Foundation’s key role.

Katie Gekker
Director Ambassadors for Print Program
Virginia Printing Foundation

DeWese Fan Club Grows

Dear Mr. DeWese,

Although I am a prepress operator/manager I never miss your column (DeWese on Sales) in PI. I’ve been reading it for years and truly enjoy it, which is a little strange due to the fact that I don’t sell anything—ever. What is not strange, I guess, is the universal message of truth, hard work and being honest with yourself.

I really appreciate where you are coming from, and I thought it was high-time I thanked you.

James Tepner
Mac Department Manager
RR Donnelley San Diego Commercial Press Plant

Dear Harris,

I always look forward to your great articles in Printing Impressions and always chuckle by the end of the read. You’re an inspiration to me, and I use your advice in growing the sales of this company every day. In a world of big corporate printing companies, many people find relief in dealing with good old country boys who deliver what we say we will deliver.

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