LETTERS to the editor

Skilled Labor Strikes Chord

Dear Editor,

As a member and officer of the Education Summit, I would like to be able to share the articles that appeared in Printing Impressions’ March and April issues: “Skilled Labor: Help Wanted” and “Cure for Workforce Woes.”

Both articles cut across so many of the problems that exist in the graphic communications/printing industry that relates to its skilled workforce shortage—the very issues that I deal with every day. They provided different perspectives from industry leaders.

Eileen D. Cassidy
Director, GAERF

Dear Editor,

Thank you for taking the initiative on the issues of labor, education recruitment and related areas. Your first article really covers so many of the critical challenges that the graphic arts industry faces.

At the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF), we are reminded every day of the challenges to bring young people into our industry and how our image is often portayed incorrectly.

The Education Summit Committee, which has been at work since Graph Expo ’07, will begin to make a difference in the areas that you covered. It will take several years, but this group of very dedicated industry volunteers will have a positive impact on the areas of greatest challenge.

Ted Ringman
VP of Development

Dear Editor,

Consider establishing a training school just over the border in Mexico to prepare the very willing Mexican workers for work in our industry. A passing grade is a green card and a job interview.

John A. Gross
Technigraphics Inc.
Iowa City, IA

Dear Editor,

I would like to send a copy of your March 2008 issue, in which the article on education and training appears, to one of our local technical schools. At the urging of the Printing Industry Association of Georgia (PIAG) and some local printers, they are evaluating their printing program, and I think the article will help them see the tremendous value in creating a first-class program.

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