Leanin’ Tree — Lassoing New Offerings

An American tradition for more than half a century, Leanin’ Tree Inc. is the world’s largest publisher of Western, wildlife and other regional-interest greeting cards. The company is known for its unique fine art designs, as well as the high quality of its products.

It has also distinguished itself as an innovative marketer, able to respond to changes in a highly competitive business environment. Over the years as trends evolved, products were transformed with processes from diecutting to foil stamping to the use of glitter and a host of other graphic embellishments. Among the most recent examples of Leanin’ Tree’s marketing savvy is the roll out of its new Boxvelope boxed-card assortment packs.

Mike Bognar, postpress production manager at Leanin’ Tree, stands by the company’s new Vijuk Setmaster collator. (Photo by Marcia Ward)

“We knew that this product was going to take off with our wholesale customers,” says Mike Bognar, Leanin’ Tree’s postpress production manager, of the company’s new 20-card assortment packs available in 16 distinctive themes. “We also knew that our existing collating capability—designed for handling much smaller assorted-card packs—would be inadequate to handle this particular product line.”

Collecting Collating Info

This prompted a comprehensive re-evaluation of their overall collating requirements, which ultimately led to the installation in May of a Vijuk Setmaster collator equipped with deep pile feeding stations.

Originally called the Lazy RL Ranch, the company was founded in Fort Collins, CO, by Ed Trumble, chairman, and his partner, Bob Lorenz, in 1949. Three years later the firm moved to Boulder, where it was reorganized and renamed Leanin’ Tree Publishing. Assuming sole ownership in 1965, Ed Trumble split the organization into two separate companies in the late 1980s, with the Consumer Div. becoming Trumble Greetings, and the manufacturing, product development and Trade Div. taking the name Leanin’ Tree Inc.

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