Leading Chinese Printer Orders Its 11th Goss Web Press

SHENZHEN, CHINA—Nov. 15, 2011—C&C Joint Printing one of the leading suppliers of high-quality commercial and magazine printing in China, has ordered its ninth Goss M-600 16-page web offset press and its eleventh new Goss web press since 1998. The investment is driven by growing demand in the Beijing area for the production quality and efficiencies that differentiate the multiple award-winning C&C service offering.

According to Jackson Leung, CEO of C&C, the company’s strong focus on “green” issues was a key factor in the specification of press technologies designed for low waste and low energy consumption. “We are highly committed to providing a sustainable solution that will ensure print maintains its profile within the media mix for many years to come. Today’s Goss M-600 technology package supports this objective with efficiencies that improve productivity and reduce waste.”

Rated at up to 61,000 impressions per hour, the new 16-page press with 598.5mm cut-off and 965mm web width will feature Goss Autoplate automatic plate changing and a JF55 Plus folder with quarterfold capabilities and a four- and eight-page module for added versatility. The fourth M-600 press at the C&C Beijing facility will also be equipped with a Goss SH splicer and Ecocool dryer with integrated afterburner, closed-loop controls and Goss Web Center technology for automated makereadies, presetting and control.

Having installed its first Goss M-600 press in 1998, C&C Joint Printing considers itself a forerunner in raising printing standards within the Chinese market. The company currently has eight M-600 presses and two Goss Sunday 2000 presses now installed across a number of plants for high-quality commercial and magazine printing.

As well as satisfying high-end commercial print requirements for both domestic and international clients, C&C Joint Printing also serves as China’s designated “National Commercial Web Offset Standards Research Base.” In this role, the company employs its Goss presses in print tests aimed at developing optimum standards for the commercial web offset industry in China

“C&C has spearheaded the campaign to offer true, high-quality print within the Chinese market, so that today their name is synonymous with the highest standards,” according to Tim Mercy, vice president of Goss commercial web press sales in Asia. “We are very proud that our Goss M-600 press has not only kept step with the requirements of such an influential leader in the Chinese market, but also enabled them to broaden their long-term business and environmental objectives.”

Source: Goss.

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