LasX to Introduce the LaserSharp STP-400 Spider Finishing System

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN—July 2009—LasX Industries, Inc. will be introducing the new LaserSharp STP-400 Spider at PRINT 09: designed for handling parts that have been printed on sheets with a tight rotated nesting of variable size and/or shaped parts. The LaserSharp Spider STP-400 offers a complete digital finishing solution, and provides further justification of a laser digital finishing system over a traditional die cutting station. Now the versatility of sheet-to-part laser processing is combined with a handling solution that fits into a manufacturing workflow with capabilities for high volume orders as well as a cost effective shorter runs.

The LaserSharp Spider STP-400 is a fully automated conveyor laser system that is designed to offer high quality laser cutting of complex, personalized, and variable nested shapes matching digital printing speeds. The system is designed to read a printed barcode identifying the unique information for processing and stacking each finished part. The information can include programmed shapes (die patterns) and registration information that will enable each sheet to be processed with different shapes, processes and locations. This system integration offers a manufacturing solution to maximize material usage with tightly nested patterns of rotated and different shape sizes that can be sorted, shingled and/or stacked ready for the next finishing or pack out station, eliminating the manual handling of parts.

The Spider STP-400 offers a manufacturing solution for digital finishing variable printed sheets up to a sheet size of 14” wide with personalized information, instant order change, and advanced nesting capabilities. This scalable technology will expand your freedom to increase your workflow flexibility while maximizing raw material usage.

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