Lange Graphics Upgrades Proofing Systems to Improve Consistency

DENVER—September 9, 2010—Even though Lange Graphics, Inc. was already using two very reliable Epson 9800 44” wide-format printers for proofing, it wanted to upgrade to the very best available and so it had Fujifilm Graphic Systems install two Epson Stylus Pro 9900 eight-up inkjet proofing devices this week.

According to Greg Konke, who is the prepress manager, “It is very important that we are producing consistent, calibrated contract color proofs. This new system has in-line spectrophotometers to check every proof. This will help us to give our customers the very best representation of what to expect when they get on press.”

President Bud Lange is dedicated to excellence in printing and due to this commitment he ordered the optional built-in 44” in-line spectrophotometer on each proofing device. This feature comes with built-in dryers to accelerate the dry time and allow the spectrophotometer to read the special color charts.

The other option that enhances this entire system is the Oris Color Tuner Pro Web Color management software. Oris CGS color management tools work together with the Epson 9900’s eleven colors to produce certified proofs. Each proof is read by the spectrophotometer and if all is within GRACoL 7 standards the proof receives a certification printed on the proof itself. If not within the specifications the proof is rejected and re-ran.

Lange still maintains a Fujifilm FinalProofer in its prepress department. Greg Konke said; “We keep and maintain this device because some of our customers still prefer a proof that uses dots. However the most important reason we keep the FinalProofer is that it is the best way to proof lenticular projects.” Lenticular is where a special process has been used to print on the back of special plastic stock that has different lenses e.g. 100 lenses per inch. When the project is done and we look at the printing through the lenses we see motion or depth like flip, animation, motion and 3D.

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