Landoll Inc.–Never Give Up, No Matter What

Besides a cast of characters, Landoll products feature dozens of creative formats ranging from coloring books and card games to storybooks and stickers.

Landoll also publishes a line of educational products that offer traditional subjects such as reading and math, as well as a home-school curriculum.

“Reading is so important to a child’s education and development, especially in the formative years. It’s always been my dream to publish good books that parents can read to their children,” Landoll says. “Reading brings families together in an old-fashioned way.”

True to His Niche
Landoll’s success has been earned in an old-fashioned way. He’s been true to his dream of producing brand-name children’s books priced under $5. In fact, many are value-priced at $1.99, based on a concept of “price points” for moms, who buy for quality, content and price.

Landoll is one of only two children’s book publishers in the country that operates its own manufacturing plant. The other is Golden Books. And with its printed products priced approximately 30 percent less than its giant competitor, Landoll is giving Golden Books a run for its money.

Because it’s a self-enclosed operation, Landoll can provide quality books at affordable prices, says Myers. “Customers are happy with a high-quality, low-cost product. Retailers are happy because they’re making 50- to 60-percent margins.”

Marry that with the fact that Landoll’s top 10 mass-market accounts average an 87-percent sell-through, and it’s easy to see why this home-grown corporation went from nearly nothing in 1992 to triple-million digits in 1997. Landoll has forged a family business that is now reaping what it’s sown.

The latest “seed” is Landoll’s partnership with Tribune Education. In November, Tribune purchased 80.5 percent of Landoll for approximately $80 million. Jim Landoll believes the alliance is a good one for both parties.

“We offer Tribune Education access to the mass market,” he explains, “while Tribune Education has a rich library of content, as well as knowledge and experience that can enhance our performance.”

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