Komori Named Global Supplier for Landa Presses

In an interview with Printing Impressions following the announcement, Landa noted that Komori’s financial position was among a number of factors that tilted in its favor.

“We absolutely have to have a vendor that we know has the financial strength to support us long-term, and whose business is doing well, because we are wholly dependent on the vendor for our machines,” he said. “That’s a significant factor.

“We are unlikely to have additional sheetfed vendors in addition to Komori.”

Landa noted that progress with the press is being realized practically on a daily basis. With 12 months to go before the first machine is delivered, he is confident the press will perform as advertised.

“We have the tail of that quality curve going up every day,” he said. “We are very confident we will reach that perfection we promised customers, in time for our first beta machines to be delivered Q4, 2014.”

Yoshiharu Komori, Komori Corp. president, chairman and CEO, noted, “It is a great honor to be able to cooperate with Landa in bringing Nanography to market. Our teams have been closely monitoring Landa’s development and have been amazed with the progress made so far, which exceeds our expectations. We believe that the impact of Benny Landa’s new invention, Nanography—with the Komori platform—will have a far greater impact even than his introduction of the first digital printing press.”

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