With PRINT 01 just around the corner, and thousands of printers ready to storm the show floor in Chicago, laminating equipment suppliers are confidently standing ready to seal a deal and send many show attendees back to their shops with new laminating gear in tow.

“Most of our customers are looking for compact, automatic machines with standard equipment (including) feeder, calender, separator and collection table, easy installation and low prices,” contends Dr. Cesare Sassi of American Binding Co. “A few are also looking for high-speed machines with savings on working time and on raw material costs. Some customers are asking for special options like cleaning brushes or mechanical registers.”

Holli DeLong, marketing communications coordinator for D&K Group, reports industry trends like short turnaround times and shorter runs are causing customers to look for faster and cheaper machines that offer compatibility with other finishing equipment. Also, the need to provide pressure-sensitive laminating is also having an affect—trade laminators are starting to do both and, as a result, want machines that can do both, she says.

Getting it Straight
Accurate registration is also a key component that printers are looking for, especially for point-of-purchase jobs, explains Joyce Porter, marketing manager/regional sales manager for Independent Machinery, a distributor of Tünkers laminator/mounters.

“Tünkers offers a tremendous benefit in registration with use of a mechanical system which releases the litho and substrate after proper positioning has been achieved,” Porter says. “For quality point-of- purchase work and two-sided applications, it’s certainly a big plus.”

Tünkers laminator/mounters feature a patented register system at ±1⁄32˝. It mounts litho sheets from 70-lb. paper to 30-pt. board. Board-to-board laminating is also possible. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems are available. Spot or full laminating is possible on the company’s Combinator machine. It can be used for a variety of uses: corrugated, chipboard, foam core, plastics, running at speeds to 2,500 sph.

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