La Crosse Graphics Installs Mitsubishi Commercial Web Press

Starting in 2005, customers were given a high-volume printing solution in the form of a six-unit Mitsubishi Diamond 8 commercial half-web press. The Diamond 8 features a 20″ web width and 23″ cutoff. It prints at up to 1,500 feet per minute, the equivalent of 47,000 impressions per hour. Mitsubishi typically outfits the Diamond 8 with an automated changeover combination folder and a sheeter. Additionally, La Crosse Graphics chose an inline trimmer.

“The half-web press handles lighter-weight paper than we normally run on our sheetfed presses,” Morgan said. “People are always looking to save money. Customers save money on postage by reducing the paper weight. The standard on the half-web press is 40-lb. to 50-lb. gloss paper, although we consistently run thinner stock, as well as recycled paper.”

Morgan added that the Diamond 8 and the six-color sheetfed presses back each other up on certain jobs.

“In this day and age, reliable back-up capabilities are essential,” he said. “The Mitsubishi sheetfed presses are rock solid. They get up to color quickly and hold the color well. The web presses are the same way. They are durable, and the quality is phenomenal.”

The GCX is housed in an 18,000-square-foot addition about 100 feet from the main plant. The low-profile machine, designed for the high-end general commercial printing market, has a maximum web width of 38″ and a 22 3/4″ cutoff. Its top printing speed is 1,800 feet per minute. It features a pinless former folder, a combination folder and a sheeter. La Crosse Graphics currently is looking at trimming and gluing equipment. The company uses the press to print 8 1/2 x 11″ or comparable size products in signatures of 16, eight and four pages.

“It is a fast and smooth-running press,” Morgan said. “The manufacturing efficiencies are huge. For example, we can print 300,000 catalogs at a competitive price in less time and with fewer press operators. The press easily accommodates lightweight paper, and there is very little waste with the gapless units and folder.”

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