Komori Reports on Conditions and Disaster Countermeasures in Japan

TOKYO, JAPAN—March 18, 2011—We would like to report on the current conditions of and disaster countermeasures taken by Komori after the greatest earthquake on record in Japan, the center of which was in the Pacific Ocean close to the Tohoku area at 14:46 on March 11, 2011.

The energy level of the earthquake (magnitude of 9.0) was the greatest on record in Japan and also the 4th biggest in the world. As time goes on, the number of victims and missing persons is increasing. Also, the extent of the damage is becoming more apparent. They are beyond our imagination and our hearts are seriously torn.

We, at Komori Corporation, are strengthening our support for servicing presses and equipment used by our customers in the afflicted areas.

Condition Report
1. Established the Disaster Countermeasures Office
Just after the earthquake on March 11, Komori established the Disaster Countermeasures Office (headed by Mr. Yoshiharu Komori, CEO) to inspect the conditions of our customers, partner companies and Komori employees.

2. Condition of our production facilities
The damages to plant facilities’ functions and safety have been checked at both the Tsukuba Plant and Komori Machinery. The damage on March 11 seems to have been minimal and will not affect our provisional production. However, in the case of our partner companies mainly in the Tohoku area, most of them had serious damage and can neither produce nor supply parts constantly for us. We need to stop our production temporarily at both factories until March 18 to learn details of partners’ conditions as they relate to the constant supply of parts. We will continue our efforts to communicate with them and implement necessary measures.

3. Responses of service activities
The district hit by the earthquakes is very wide including the Tohoku, Kanto and Kohshin-etsu areas. For the Tohoku area, the Tohoku service team has started to work on reconstruction assistance.