Komori Reports on Conditions and Disaster Countermeasures in Japan

In the Kanto and Kohshin-etsu areas, the Tokyo, Saitama and Sagami service teams are working on checking conditions and reconstruction assistance.

In addition to the above, service teams from other areas have gathered in Tokyo and are working on service similar to that noted above.

Komori Corporation conducted quick reconstruction assistance for our customers in disasters of extreme severity such, as the Miyagi-ken-oki earthquake (1978), the Hanshin Awaji earthquake (1995) and the Niigata-ken Chuetsu earthquake. We, Komori Corporation, would like to work in full cooperation to assist our customers who have suffered damage in this earthquake.

Report for disaster countermeasures from March 11 through 15, 2011
The following is a list of our disaster countermeasures.

Over 100 members of the disaster countermeasures team and the disaster information and administration team are working now.

Confirmed number of damaged customers and presses as of March 15, 2011:
Tohoku area, Kanto area and other areas: Total 172 customers / 445 presses

Conditions of damaged presses at customers
Between March 11 and 15, our team checked the displacement and leveling of press, electrical conditions and so forth by phone and on site. Over 10 presses were displaced by up to 30cm by the earthquake. That number is the maximum in our current inspection. Displacement between units, water leaks, broken motors and so forth were also reported. The Komori team is working to reconstruct damaged presses and equipment one by one.

Source: company release.