Komori and Konica Minolta Sign Sales, OEM Agreement for Commercial Printing Market

TOKYO—Feb. 28, 2012—Komori Corp. has signed a global sales agreement in the commercial printing market with Konica Minolta Business Technologies, the information equipment business unit of Konica Minolta Holdings Inc.

The commercial printing market has lately been adopting more and more digital printing systems, as customer needs have increased in high-variety, low-volume and short-run orders, as well as visible surge in demands for one-to-one marketing and variable printing.

Komori Corp., as a specialist manufacturer of printing presses for many years, provides printing systems that are capable of producing a wide range of printed items for the commercial, package and currency printing markets. Specifically, the company in recent years has supplied innovative solutions such as “OffsetOnDemand,” which applies digital technologies, the latest drying system and a color management system.

Konica Minolta BT has developed and delivered digital printing systems for the production print field since 1999, based on its broad range of core technologies relating to color output. Backed by high reputation in the market for its image quality, durability and stability, the company firmly holds its leading position in the color output in the light production segment.

Since 1999, Konica Minolta BT has rolled out digital printing systems aimed at the production print field with a variety of core technologies for color output. The solid reputation for image quality, durability and stability that these systems have won in the marketplace has resulted in Konica Minolta BT maintaining its current top position for color output systems in the light production segment.

Based on this background, Komori concluded a global sales agreement with Konica Minolta BT that will contribute to the building of the ‘OffsetOnDemand’ environment for the commercial printing market and comprehensive business development in order to provide superior products and services that meet customer needs.

Konica Minolta will supply to Komori the bizhub PRESS series, centered on the bizhub PRESS C8000 digital printing system, one of its leading products, in the four regions of Japan, the United States, Europe and China.

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