Komori Debuts LS40 Press

By Mark Michelson

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL—Commercial printers from throughout North America came to Komori America’s headquarters here recently to see demonstrations of its sleek new 40˝ Lithrone S40 (LS40) sheetfed offset press, which first debuted at the IPEX exhibition in England last spring.

According to Doug Schardt, Komori product manager, the LS40 includes a console-driven makeready, the KHS high-performance inking system and standard features like a double diameter cylinder configuration.

“When you take these classic Lithrone features and add all the new technology of the LS, you’ve got a press that can’t be beat for productivity, versatility and printability,” lauds Schardt.

LS40 enhancements include:

* Automated makeready features allow press operators to program makeready, washup and the next makeready—all from the press console.

* New automatic plate changers can change six plates in three minutes (50 percent faster than other plate changing systems).

* The LS automatically ramps up to 7,000 sph before sheets start to feed. This ensures that the press is already at a stable print speed before ink hits the paper, dramatically reducing makeready waste.

* The press is equipped with skeleton type transfer cylinders with venturi air pans that reduce marking and maintain sheet control through the press.

* Top printing speed is 16,000 sph, and the press can print on substrates ranging from thin onion skin up to 40pt. board stock.

* The inking system on the LS40 comes with oscillating form rollers in each printing unit to maximize print quality on tough ghosting jobs. All four form rollers can be quickly activated in approximately two minutes. In addition, mist guards are installed on both sides of the inker to protect roller mechanisms from dirt, debris and misting ink.

* Eccentric roller cups improve roller setting consistency and speed roller changes. No tools are required to change out rollers, reducing the time by 50 percent.

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