2010 Graphic Users Association Conference Centers on Knowledge Sharing to Help Kodak Customers with Efficiencies

ROCHESTER, NY—Feb. 15, 2010—Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Graphic Users Association (GUA) North American Conference, the 2010 GUA conference theme is “U never stop growing your knowledge, your business, your network, your career.” Sponsored by Kodak and managed by the GUA Board, the 2010 GUA North American Conference will take place April 11-14 at its birthplace—the Sheraton Wall Center located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

“As with our 2009 conference, the economy is the headline of the day. The 2010 GUA Conference will be hosting sessions, roundtable discussions and GUA classes on how to succeed and do more with less,” said Tom Clifford, GUA President. “This year’s GUA University Classes will focus on integrating KODAK Solutions as we all work to reduce costs and increase production efficiencies in our businesses.”

KODAK Solutions featured at the conference include the KODAK PRINERGY Rules-Based Automation (RBA) Software, KODAK COLORFLOW Software, KODAK INSITE Software, KODAK UPFRONT and KODAK PREPS 6 Software. High-speed inkjet printing solutions include the KODAK PROSPER Press and TransPromo applications. New plate technologies will be featured for packaging, offset and proofing. In addition, the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press, KODAK Dimensional Clear Dry Ink applications, and customer success stories will be highlighted.

“Challenging times require innovative solutions and platforms for collaboration to deliver outstanding efficiencies,” said Michele Laird-Williams, GUA Executive Director. “The 2010 GUA Conference is designed to facilitate a greater sharing of knowledge among more participants, revealing best practices that are relevant and help customers become more profitable.”

Business owners, presidents, managers, technical supervisors, and technicians will see and learn about the latest tools and technical solutions available to help printing businesses succeed in the dynamic setting of the GUA conference. Specifically, attendees can:

• Uncover ways to improve their bottom line and maximize investments

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