Kodak Prosper S5 Imprinting Systems Installed on Ryobi 750 Sheetfed Press at Komatsu

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 25—Komatsu General Print Co. in Nagano, Japan, is the latest company in the sheetfed market to offer the benefits of a hybrid inkjet-offset printing solution with its installation of the Kodak Prosper S5 imprinting system. Ryobi integrated Prosper S5 imprinting systems into a Ryobi 750 sheetfed press for Komatsu to efficiently produce personalized direct mail and other high-value applications in a single pass.

Inkjet printing inline with offset printing delivers a number of significant benefits, including faster job turnaround time, lower costs and higher productivity for imprinting applications when compared to roll-fed laser printing. The typical production process involves printing direct mail shells on an offset press, letting the shells dry, and imprinting them on a laser printer. Hybrid printing eliminates drying time and enables imprinting on the sheets as they pass through the offset press, saving up to two days in production time.

“The Prosper S-Series has proven itself in the offset environment through its versatility in making offset presses digital and enabling customers to maximize the return on investment in their current web- or sheetfed equipment,” said Ronen Cohen, General Manager, Inkjet Technology Partnerships, Kodak. “The ability of the Prosper S-Series Imprinting System to deliver high-quality monochrome variable data on much larger sheet sizes and to print on matte, glossy or classic offset papers opens up new types of applications for the sheetfed market.”

Since their introduction in 2009, Prosper S-Series imprinting systems traditionally were integrated with web-fed offset presses. The number of sheetfed commercial print customers using Prosper S-Series Imprinting Systems continues to steadily grow as Kodak works with individual customers and their offset press manufacturers to develop custom hybrid printing solutions.

First Cut-Sheet Hybrid Solution in Asia
Komatsu General Print Co. specializes in the production of one-to-one marketing materials that feature variable content. As the business grew, Toshihiko Komatsu, president and CEO, sought to expand the company’s direct mail capabilities by moving into long-run production of personalized materials ranging from one million to 100 million pieces. Komatsu approached Ryobi, which worked with Komatsu’s team and Kodak to develop the first inline UV printing press with PROSPER S5 Imprinting Systems.

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