Howard Hunt Enhances Direct Mail Capabilities with Kodak Prosper 5000XL Press

ROCHESTER, NY—May 3, 2011—Howard Hunt Group, a leading marketing services provider, recently installed a KODAK PROSPER 5000XL Press at its 250,000 sq.ft site in Dartford, Kent.

With a £60m turnover and key clients from a spectrum of business sectors including Utilities, Telecoms, Financial Services, Travel, Retail, Government and Charities, Howard Hunt Group is ideally suited to maximize the unique capabilities of Kodak’s innovative inkjet technology. Howard Hunt Group is at the cutting edge of marketing services, supplying a wide range of marketing services, including data services, digital marketing and direct mail.

“Because we believe that KODAK Stream Technology will revolutionize direct mail, adding a PROSPER Press is a strategic move for our company,” says Lucy Edwards, Assistant Managing Director at Howard Hunt Group. The Howard Hunt Group ‘promise’ is to deliver the right message at the right time across the right channel. “The speed and high volume capabilities of the PROSPER press, combined with the intelligent use of data and digital marketing, means this device will help our clients communicate across all channels more effectively.”

“The PROSPER Press completes another part of our strategy to develop a fully integrated marketing and communications offering,” adds Edwards. “Today’s world requires high levels of personalization and relevance. This device embraces this concept and enables direct mail to become virtually ‘real time.” With its ability to deliver millions of high quality color pieces of direct mail, the PROSPER Press complements our capabilities in social media and mobile communications, email marketing and web delivery for our clients’ integrated, sophisticated and targeted marketing campaigns.”

To help Howard Hunt Group get the most out of its investment in a PROSPER Press, the KODAK MARKETMOVER Business Advantage Solutions team completed a Digital Diagnostic Service prior to installation of the press. MARKETMOVER Solutions consultants conducted a comprehensive assessment of Howard Hunt Group’s business to validate its business strategies, determine priorities, identify the factors for success, and recommend the required actions to help minimize risk and maximize return on investment.
“We have researched the market for the best solution and Kodak is our partner of choice,” says Luke Pigott, CEO of Howard Hunt Group “The installation of the PROSPER Press is the culmination of a 12-year partnership, business understanding and long term strategy between Kodak and Howard Hunt Group.”

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