Kodak Nexpress Presses Help Contac Services Expand Digital Print Capabilities and Increase ROI

ROCHESTER, NY—Nov. 03, 2009—Canada’s largest direct marketing, print and fulfillment company, Contac Services, is better meeting the needs of its clients with two newly added KODAK NEXPRESS S3000 Digital Production Color Presses and KODAK NEXPRESS Glossing Units, and Dimensional Printing available as part of KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions. The company is helping deliver its clients’ messages via high-quality one-to-one communications and marketing materials through its “Corporate Store Program,” enabled by KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions.

“We’ve entirely automated our process from creation to delivery with KODAK Solutions and are offering clients the ability to create some very unique direct marketing materials,” said Riaz Pisani, President and CEO, Contac Services. “Dimensional Printing has turned out to be an excellent addition to our business and is helping our clients achieve their goals.”

Contac Services is meeting demand for high-quality personalized materials with its two KODAK NEXPRESS S3000 Digital Production Color Presses. The S3000 uses press profiling and standard inks to match up to 82 percent of the PANTONE® spot color gamut with no custom mixing required, which adds application flexibility.

The KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions offer clear coating, watermarking, glossing, protection coating, color gamut expansion, and MICR. The Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions also enable high-impact glossing in conjunction with the KODAK NEXPRESS Glossing Unit. Also available through the Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, Dimensional Printing gives specified text and images a raised or 3D effect to differentiate and add value to the creative piece. The KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution and KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional Clear Dry Ink combine to create the Dimensional Printing effects. The KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional Printing System (or just “Dimensional Printing”) was recently awarded a 2009 InterTech Technology Award, the highest honor for innovation in the graphic communications industry.

Tying all elements into a single unified workflow, Contac Services uses KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions including the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System and family of KODAK INSITE Products, as well as three KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofing Systems.

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