NexPress Gives 1-800-Postcards a Competitive Advantage

ROCHESTER, NY—January 23, 2013—With more than 35 years of experience in the printing industry, 1-800-Postcards understands the importance of delivering consistent, high-quality printed materials to its customers. The full-service company first built its reputation as an offset printer and then expanded into digital printing 10 years ago with the installation of two Kodak NexPress 3000 Presses. 1-800-Postcards has recently enhanced its digital printing capabilities even further by investing in a Kodak NexPress SX3300 Press.

The company recently changed floors in its SoHo location to accommodate the influx of new business. As part of the project, 1-800-Postcards upgraded its presses, revamped its internal ordering processes and spent over one million dollars in designing a storefront with a unique agency-like aesthetic. 1-800-Postcards takes pride in being the only provider in Manhattan that utilizes the Kodak NexPress Digital Color Platform and attributes its recent growth to its comprehensive digital printing capabilities.

“Right now, I am highly focused on company growth in digital,” said David Moyal, president of 1-800-Postcards. “I have gone to practically every printing show across the country over the years and have seen these shows be taken over by digital print. This is where the industry is heading. While we still maintain a successful offset business, we are doing our best to expand our service offerings in the digital arena. In my opinion, anyone who goes digital is going to end up a winner.”

1-800-Postcards utilizes the NexPress Platform to meet the dynamic needs of its diverse client base, ranging from large-design agencies and leading brands to small-retail businesses and individual consumers. The company captures orders both on-site and through its Website, and required a high-performing press to keep up with the demands in quality and turnaround times. Moyal knew that the addition of the NexPress SX Press with the Fifth Imaging Unit Solution would help the company gain a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace after seeing the exceptional performance of the initial NexPress Presses.

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