NexPress Gives 1-800-Postcards a Competitive Advantage

“We are continuously inspired by the creativity of customers maximizing the full potential of the NexPress Platform,” said Jerry Miller, Kodak’s vice president and general manager of America’s Digital Printing Solutions. “The NexPress Fifth Imaging Unit’s capabilities enable printers like 1-800-Postcards to expand into even more profitable services and enhance their company’s bottom line. Offering more differentiated and valuable products to customers supports printers’ efforts to achieve greater customer acquisition and retention. It is a win-win for all involved.”

The NexPress Platform prints on more than 800 standard offset substrates and enables duplex printing with ease. 1-800-Postcards gives its customers the option to print larger-sized applications thanks to the long-sheet feeder. Customers can also differentiate their applications through watermarking, protection coating, high-quality glossing, in-line dimensional printing and spot colors with the Fifth Imaging Unit Solution. Moyal feels these extended printing features are enabling them to bring in new business opportunities that didn’t exist when they pursued offset printing alone.

“We are in the heart of the creative section of N.Y.C. and these designers can now get more creative with their printing, at a cheaper cost, through digital print,” said Moyal. “We are able to better serve our existing clients and bring in new ones. We often show prospective customers how easily we can achieve effects like dimensional printing or clear gloss using the Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, and they immediately want to know how it can be done. We are happy to tell them that it can only be achieved on the NexPress Platform.”

In an independent photo quality study completed by SpencerLab, it was found that the Kodak NexPress SX Press achieved the overall highest rating for photographic print quality, demonstrating the best all-round performance across the majority of attributes evaluated.

The NexPress SX Press features Print Genius, a suite of productivity and quality control tools developed specifically to automate tasks and help printers maintain peak quality throughout the production run. The Kodak NexPress Intelligent Calibration System (ICS) version 3 software also helps to maintain print uniformity and fast processing. Together, these features can enable printers to achieve fast turnaround times with increased press uptime and consistent imaging without the risk of sacrificing the quality they desire. “We have great flexibility with the NexPress Platform. We had one customer who wanted to change his business cards, so we made the necessary adjustments and were able to get the file on the press and printed within 15 minutes. You can’t do that unless you have a quality digital printer,” said Moyal. “The NEXPRESS Platform’s imaging quality rivals that of offset. Customers demand the best quality from us and, fortunately, we are able to do that through Kodak’s robust digital printing solution.”

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