Kodak Digital Printing Solutions Earn Five International Awards from IAPHC

ROCHESTER, NY—Jan. 26, 2010—Demonstrating the added value that the Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Printing System brings to a wide range of print products, five entries printed on Kodak Nexpress Digital Production Color Presses received awards from the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen (IAPHC). The Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Printing helps printers deliver unique services with greater value that set them apart from their competition.

The Gallery of Superb Printing, presented by IAPHC, honored Kodak Digital Printing Solutions with two Gold, two Silver and one Bronze award. The IAPHC awards celebrate outstanding achievement in the art and science of printing and related graphic arts, and are recognized globally as one of the graphic arts industry’s highest honors.

The five awards KODAK Digital Printing Solutions earned in the 35th International Gallery include:

• Gold Award — Bauble Postcard with Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Clear Dry Ink

• Gold Award — Catch New Opportunities (Lizard) Postcard with Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Clear Dry Ink

• Silver Award — Kodak Nexpress Intelligent Solutions, Unlock New Profit Potential

• Silver Award — Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Printing System, Sample

• Bronze Award — Meet Stream Technology: Offset Class Output

“These awards recognize the outstanding quality of Nexpress Press output and the added value Dimensional Printing brings to digitally printed work. This unique application allows customers to drive new revenue opportunities and increase their clients’ return on marketing investment,” said Kevin Joyce, Worldwide Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Digital Printing Solutions, Kodak. “Kodak is committed to delivering innovative digital solutions that help our customers grow their business, and we are honored to be recognized by such a prestigious organization.”

Entries are judged by several panels of international printing experts. Judges evaluate quality and difficulty of the graphic arts processes used, ranging from ink coverage, intensity of solids, registration, dot structure, paper usage, binding, finishing, degree of difficulty, overall visual appearance and effective communication. Entries must pass three rounds of judging to be eligible for the Best of the Best awards, awarded in 2010.

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