Kodak Launches the Prosper 5000XLi Press

  • an inline camera system to monitor color-to-color and front-to-back registration
  • automatic or user-selectable stitch adjustments to align printheads and optimize quality
  • multi-parameter monitoring and dynamic adjustment of cross-track, in-track, magnification, and skew performance

“The Prosper press platform is a high-performance solution for a range of digital printing applications, such as direct marketing, commercial print, and publishing,” said Kodak’s Will Mansfield, director of marketing, Inkjet Printing Solutions. “The high speeds and large volumes these presses offer make it more important than ever to ensure the highest performance and quality throughout the print run. Automatic monitoring and on-the-fly adjustment of printing parameters do just that—enabling printers to achieve very high image quality and excellent color-to-color registration on a wide range of media, including glossy.”

To further maximize uptime and the production of sellable pages, the Prosper 5000XLi Press features a number of innovations in its transport system that virtually eliminate page imperfections caused by paper stretching and wrinkling. The key advancements include an adaptive web stretch control system that uses advanced servo rollers and software algorithms to make automatic adjustments, as well as select rollers that have ribs and other advanced design features to minimize wrinkling. Additionally, user-adjustable nip settings in four locations help to smooth paper flow and ease press set-up.

In addition to the new capabilities provided by IPS, the Prosper 5000XLi press was engineered and built with a range of other features to optimize print speed, ensure smooth operation, and maximize productivity. These include an auto-adjusting intake system that simplifies changing paper stocks, a variable-length paper path to improve drying, and an advanced drying system that adjusts for ink load, web speed, and substrate.

“Our engineers are constantly working to improve every aspect of the printing process, and managing the media handling is a big part of that. Customers will see new revenue opportunities from the higher image quality and broader substrate support, while increasing profits with less waste and greater throughput. The Prosper press platform is delivering billions of pages today, and with the latest enhancements, the Prosper 5000XLi press is poised to meet the needs of printers as they grow and expand their business,” added Mansfield.

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