Kodak Introduces Next-Generation VioletNews Digital Plate for Newspaper Printers

ROCHESTER, NY—10/12/2009—Kodak launched the new VioletNews Gold Digital Plate. This latest business-enhancing plate upgrade for newspaper printers in the company’s VioletNews Digital Plate range delivers improved performance, quality and consistency.

The VioletNews Gold Digital Plate offers improved chemical resistance, faster imaging speeds, and better performance. The plate’s notably lower chemistry consumption means newspaper printers can trim the costs associated with chemical use and waste management, while at the same time reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

“Working in such a competitive market means we’re always exploring ways to reduce costs and improve our margins,” said Michael Voigt, Head of the Platemaking Department, Leipziger Verlags-und Druckereigesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. “The KODAK VioletNews GOLD Digital Plate allows us to do just that. We’re consuming far less developer, which translates into significant cost savings. Plus the plate makes us a more environmentally conscious company and enhances our green credentials.”

Kodak will showcase the VioletNews Gold Digital Plate at IFRA Expo 2009, one of the leading events in the newspaper publishing industry that helps publishers compete on a stronger footing by highlighting technology and business models that enable them to streamline their work processes. The exhibition takes place in Vienna, Austria, Oct. 12–Oct. 15, 2009, and is being staged at the Messezentrum Wien. Kodak can be found in hall B, at stand 180.

“VioletNews Gold Digital Plates give newspaper printers reliable and robust performance on press, as well as exceptional performance in prepress,” said Peter Trampler, Regional Business Manager, Prepress Solutions and Vice President, EAMER Region, Kodak. “The improvements we’ve made to this plate will deliver tangible business benefits to our customers.”

Working through its own new and dedicated developer and replenisher system, the VioletNews Gold Digital Plate provides exceptional prepress performance in terms of developer consumption and processing bath life. Lower replenishment volume means lower overall developer consumption and improved bath capacity. Total developer consumption can be improved by up to 40 percent, making it a leading product in this market segment.

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