Kodak Goes Virtual, Reinvents the Trade Show Experience

ROCHESTER, NY—Aug. 26, 2009—Kodak’s booth at PRINT 09 will be streaming with exhibits, presentations and activities unlike any previously seen at a trade show in the graphic communications market. Based on the theme “It’s time for you AND Kodak,” visitors to Kodak’s booth (#6907) will be able to participate in a tailored experience based on their unique needs.

“We’ll provide attendees with an entirely new demonstration of how Kodak Products deliver applications and solutions that help customers grow their business,” said Chris Payne, Director and Vice President, Business to Business Marketing, Kodak. “Through a combination of virtual technology, live discussions, product information and samples, we’ll show attendees how they can increase production efficiency and return on marketing investment, expand their capabilities, and develop new revenue opportunities.”

The Pipeline of Innovation serves as the centerpiece of Kodak’s booth. This 24-foot-long digital display will feature a continuous stream of visual images representing innovative technology and solutions from Kodak. Visitors can interact with the display to learn more about what interests them.

Surrounding the Pipeline of Innovation, a series of interactive modules with circular flatscreen displays will deliver in-depth information in four market segments: commercial printing, packaging, publishing and data-driven communications, where visitors can find more information on Kodak Solutions.

Printed samples representing a variety of applications from the four market segments will be shown in a new way at Kodak’s booth. Each sample will include an RFID tag that, when placed on a display table, will activate a presentation showing how the piece was produced using Kodak Technologies.

Rounding out the product and market areas of Kodak’s booth, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in live demonstrations on a variety of Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions. See images of Kodak’s PRINT 09 booth at www.kodak.com/go/print09.

“By offering virtual and live demonstrations, details on practically every product in our portfolio will be available to customers,” said Payne. “Whether you want to know about a specific product, ways to expand your services, how to move into new applications or engage in a detailed conversation about improving your profitability, we’ll make the experience at our booth highly customizable and entertaining.”

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