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Kodak Dimensional Printing System Sparks Customer Excitement at Think Patented

June 2009
ROCHESTER, NY—June 29—Think Patented, a growing marketing services provider in Dayton, Ohio, recently added the KODAK Dimensional Printing capability to its KODAK NEXPRESS S2500 Digital Production Color Press, and is experiencing a rapid rise in demand from its clients. The company is also using the KODAK NEXPRESS Glossing Unit to produce high-value, distinctive jobs that stand out in the marketplace. Both Dimensional Printing and the Glossing Unit are available as part of KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions.
“We encourage our clients to really ‘feel’ the difference that Dimensional Printing can make on a direct mail piece,” said Kenneth O. McNerney, President and CEO, Think Patented. “These printing solutions help us differentiate our company in the marketplace. We have even branded the raised printing and glossing services here under the names of Digi-Touch and Digi-Shine, giving us a leg up on the competition by offering something truly unique.”
Think Patented installed its NEXPRESS Press about six months ago. To demonstrate its new services, the company produced a number of eye-catching samples with both Dimensional Printing and glossing, and mailed them to current clients and prospects. The reaction was immediate, with clients calling to get more information and submitting orders.
McNerney reported that about 10 percent of the output from the NEXPRESS S2500 Press utilizes Dimensional Printing—a number that is growing quickly each month. The company has already produced some exciting projects, including one for a client that wanted to reproduce the look and feel of an Old World style dimensional map and another for a fabric company that needed a mailer capable of reproducing the textures of the fabrics available.
“Kodak’s Dimensional Printing is the only inline digital, tactile printing available on the market,” said Kevin Joyce, Worldwide Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Digital Printing Solutions, Kodak. “Dimensional Printing not only enables providers to differentiate the creative piece, but also to differentiate themselves from the competition and expand revenue generating opportunities, which is increasingly important in today’s competitive environment.”
Available as part of the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, Dimensional Printing gives specified text and images a raised or 3D effect that can help communications stand out in a crowded marketplace. The result is a printed piece with a dimensional feel that mimics the surface of the items in the image. KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution and KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional Clear Dry Ink combine to create the Dimensional Printing effects. Dimensional Printing is well suited for a variety of markets, including commercial printing and photo products.

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