Kodak Announces First European Sale of New KODAK NEXPRESS SE3600 Press to The Anton Group Ltd.

ROCHESTER, NY—Dec. 17—The Anton Group Ltd. (Anton), one of the largest printing, mailing and fulfillment companies in the UK, is the first customer in Europe to purchase the new KODAK NEXPRESS SE3600 Digital Production Color Press. With this investment, Anton now has six KODAK NEXPRESS machines. Anton’s customers include leading brands such as Virgin, Tesco and RBS, and the purchase of the NEXPRESS SE36000 Press enables Anton to double digital production capacity.

The NEXPRESS SE3600 Press is an important part of Anton’s overall investment program. The technological advances of the NEXPRESS SE3600 will not only increase efficiency and improve color quality but will also inspire a new era of personalized communication.

Digital Production Manager Richard Hargrave is at the front line of digital development at Anton and his department is the fastest growing area of the business. “The NEXPRESS SE3600 Press has already positively changed our customers’ confidence and expectations about the use of digital technology” said Hargrave. “In the past we were producing around 10,000 A5 postcards with a simple personalized message. Now the average production run is around 20,000-25,000, and in many cases we are printing significant numbers of sophisticated and personalized images per targeted mailing. The speed and unique features of the NEXPRESS SE3600 Press afford us limitless possibilities and allow us to offer our clients larger volume and more effective mailings. The press is also improving our operating efficiency.”

Hargrave explained: “Average order quantities are now beginning to increase to around 100,000. In parallel, production efficiencies will continue to improve due to production speeds, economies of scale and just-in-time supply. Equally important is the challenge of developing one-to-one communication applications which fully utilize the digital potential. In the final analysis, the NEXPRESS Press is a change in mindset—a triumph of imagination and economics.”

The investments in digital production technology have played a major part in Anton’s successful growth over the last five years. For Anton and Richard Hargrave, the growth of digital has been a continuous learning experience. This latest investment represents the sixth milestone in that learning process.

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