By Erik Cagle

Senior Editor

In America’s heartland, where people traditionally possess conservative values, a solid work ethic is everything in business, particularly in the manufacturing sector. This is especially true at Kingery Printing, the pride of Effingham, IL, where ethics, strong values and pride in craftsmanship reign supreme.

“I was talking to another printer who’s located in Chicago one time,” begins John Kingery, president and founder of the southern Illinois-based sheetfed and web printing company. “I was complaining that about three out of four people hired turn out to be good employees. His response was, ‘You’re lucky; here in Chicago, there’s only one out of every four that you really want to keep.’

“We maintain a very good work ethic out here. Most people tend to work hard and take pride in doing a good job. One thing I tell prospective employees: ‘I expect more from you than just showing up with a lunch bucket.’ We set the expectation level the first time they walk through the door. They understand what we’re saying, and that’s a tremendous advantage.”

Seated, from the left: Michael Kingery, president of M&D Printing; John Kingery, president, Kingery Printing; and Gerard Kingery, scheduling manager, Kingery Div. Standing: Maria Kingery, mail data processing, Kingery Div.; and Thomas Kingery, business manager, Kingery Div.

Among several recent capital expenditure moves, Kingery Printing has installed a second MBO B26-S/644C Perfection folder, along with a pair of Palamides BA-700 automatic paper banding systems. A third high-speed BA-700 bander is on order.

Above: Mark Tauber on the MBO folder. Below: One of Kingery Printing’s two 40˝ Heidelberg sheetfed presses in operation.

John Kingery, president and founder of Kingery Printing (left), and press operator Steve Gillespie do a press check on the company’s six-color Heidelberg Speedmaster CD press.

Kingery Printing was founded on October 1, 1968, when its founder sensed a need for a commercial printing operation that was both aggressive and willing to embrace the then-new offset technology in the Effingham area. John Kingery and his company have kept pace with the changes in the industry. Initially, the printer focused on short-run, one-color work on uncoated grades for local customers. Kingery eventually migrated into high-quality color work, often encompassing long print runs, for a national customer base.

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