King Printing Boosts Its Productivity with HP Inkjet Web Press Upgrade

PALO ALTO, CA—July 25, 2011—King Printing has become the first North American book manufacturer to install a new HP T350 Color Inkjet Web Press speed upgrade.

The high reliability, productivity and quality that the short-run book manufacturing specialist based in Lowell, MA, gained with its HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press led to the upgrade decision. Now, King Printing’s HP T350 Inkjet Web Press is 50 percent faster than its previousl, running at 600 fpm and producing up to 3,927 ppm (letter-size).

“When we first installed the HP T300 last year, we gained a stable and very capable production platform that allowed us to manage incredible volumes,” said Adi Chinai, managing director, King Printing. “With the T350, HP used its technological leadership to make an even more robust platform, one that is helping us rewrite the economics of color in short-run publishing and book manufacturing.”

The speed increase gives King Printing distinct competitive advantages, including:

• higher throughput to increase the breakeven point between analog and digital printing—expanding the number of titles King can move into cost-effective, low-inventory supply chain management; and

• lower costs per page in color printing, which help the firm take advantage of dramatic growth in demand for digitally printed color books.

“The HP T350 gives King Printing unparalleled productivity on a press that can produce more full-color pages per minute than competing digital color solutions,” said Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions, HP. “We want to make sure progressive-minded businesses like King Printing get the most value possible from their HP investments, which is why it is very important to make the T350 platform available as an upgrade to our existing customers.”

Forget the forklift

On-site T300 to T350 upgrades reflect a commitment to helping customers benefit from the fast-paced development of HP solutions, mitigating the product obsolescence concerns commonly found with advanced technology. For King Printing, the upgrade helped to protect the value of the company’s initial HP Inkjet Web Press investment so it could capture additional business opportunities.

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