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Kill the Assumption Gnomes –Farquharson/Tedesco

June 2011

Imagine having a gnome sit on your shoulder and whisper negative thoughts into your ear. All day long, you'd hear comments that would keep you from doing good things and urge you to do bad things. He'd tell you why it won't work, why you're wasting your time and urge you to just quit. Everything he tells you is worse than a lie. They're all assumptions. Actually, you don't really need to imagine this "Assumption Gnome" scenario.

He's already there, talking to you. And what's worse, you're listening. You're buying in. He's on your shoulder now, as a matter of fact. Take a moment and see for yourself. No? You can't see him? OK, let's do a little test…

Give this question some thought: What is the worst day of the week to make a sales call? Think about your answer before continuing to read this column. Which day of the week stands out as the one that you believe to be futile to even try making a sale. Think. Did you hear that? The answer you just came up with (most likely: Friday) wasn't your doing. It wasn't your thought.

No Bad Day for Selling

It was your Assumption Gnome telling you that no one wants to hear from you on a Friday because everyone is already gone or, at a minimum, thinking about the weekend and has no interest in you. Don't bother, he tells you, before adding, "and Mondays are out, too. People are just getting their week started and probably don't want to be interrupted."

Here's the sad truth: The Assumption Gnome has just cost you 40 percent of the work week. By listening to him and readily believing everything he says, you were convinced to not even try. You didn't need voice mail to defeat you. He beat you to it.

The Assumption Gnome needs to be stopped. He needs to die or be taught to whisper positive assumptions instead. That way, instead of believing the worst, you have positive thoughts and make positive assumptions. How? Let's look at a few common situations and see where to make changes.

As we all know, Assumption Gnomes are illiterate, so you'll have to teach yours to change by speaking to him. Only through repetition can change be affected:



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