Key Trends in Augmented Reality (Free Webinar Still Available On-Demand)

PHILADELPHIA—May 9, 2014—In the “A Reality Check: Augmented Reality” Webinar recently presented by Printing Impressions and Target Marketing, and sponsored by Canon Solutions America, more than 900 registrants learned about Augmented Realty (AR)—the emerging technology that enables publishers and marketers to transform printed pages into interactive, virtual experiences. Participants were shown actual examples of how AR has been effectively blended with print and other media, as well as key applications of the technology.

Presenters included Barb Pellow, group director of InfoTrends; Martin Ahe, partnerships manager at AR app developer Layar; and Debora Haskel, vice president of marketing of IWCO Direct, Chanhassen, MN.

Pellow presented several key findings that InfoTrends has seen with Augmented Reality. “One of the biggest trends we are seeing is wearables, and Google Glass has gained a lot of ‘red carpet’ attention in 2014.”

Pellow also noted that 2014 will be the year where retailers will start to explore the true power of the technology. Other trends include immersive Augmented Reality for live experiences, do-it-yourself Augmented Reality for education and learning, and some retailers are even using the technology for selling cars.

Layar, the world’s largest provider of Augmented Reality and interactive print products and services, has made some significant strides, as well. One major announcement for the company came in March when it launched the world’s first Google Glass Augmented Reality app.

“Layar is focused on being the most democratic AR application—working not only for the newer (smart phone and tablet) devices, but the older devices as well,” explained Ahe. “The conversions that we typically see are 2 to 5 percent reader engagement, and an 87 percent click-through rate.”

At IWCO Direct, Haskell shared an example of a welcome kit it created for client Best Western that incorporated Augmented Reality. “Hotel loyalty program members can be fickle, so one of the challenges they had was how to engage people more as a member.”

As direct marketers are still learning how to incorporate Augmented Reality into their media mix, Haskell outlined a few key notes to keep in mind. “Customers need to develop content and determine the appropriate action for using Augmented Reality. The size of video content is also a pretty big deal and you also need to be conscious of respondents using different devices/technologies, so it’s critical to create an easy-to-use customer experience.”

Registrants of this Webinar reported great enthusiasm and positive feedback. Here are just a few of the comments:

“I enjoyed seeing specific examples of Augmented Reality being completed by printers themselves for their clients.”

“I appreciated the basic nature of the presentation, and being made aware of a trend that will enhance direct marketing campaigns.”

“The Webinar did a great job showing how the Augmented Reality tool works, as well as the application of that tool. The Webinar really provided relevant information for marketing professionals.”

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