Keller Crescent — Prescription for Success

Consumer advocates are demanding more reader-friendly product information. Seniors want larger type. Globalization requires the information to be in four or five languages. Consumer coalitions are forming patient information and education initiatives. The FDA is setting new regulatory guidelines.

The amount of information manufacturers have to provide keeps growing. This presents a challenge for pharmaceutical and healthcare product producers because it affects the size and cost of their packaging, and tests the capabilities of their existing packaging line equipment. These challenges are passed on to the printers and packagers charged with producing product literature.

Equipment Upgrades

Bryan Hull operates one of Keller Crescent’s three new MV-2001 Outsert Systems, while Anthony Wiggington checks and collects the outserts at the delivery end.

One such printer/packager is Keller Crescent, a supplier to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry based in Evansville, IN. Committed to staying on top of this trend, the company recently enhanced its outsert leaflet production capabilities by investing in three new Vijuk MV-2001 Outsert Systems (patent pending) introduced early this year by Elmhurst, IL-based Vijuk Equipment.

Outserts are leaflets with the final edges folded inward and spot glued so that they remain intact during the inserting process and can be affixed directly onto a container, thereby eliminating the added expense of a carton or additional packaging. Outserts continue to grow in popularity with drug and other medical products manufacturers. To keep up with the trend toward pharmaceutical booklets, Keller Crescent also purchased a Vijuk Miniature Glued Booklet System in late 2002, which produces small booklets that allow for easier access to information.

Keller Crescent now stands out as a total marketing communications organization that offers services ranging from advertising and public relations, media and market research, sales promotion and merchandising, to a full scope of printing, packaging, postpress and fulfillment operations.

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