Car Wrap Turns into a Movie ‘Wrap’ for Printer –Michelson

Pictured with the Mini Cooper, clockwise from the left, are Stephen Hoey, KDF president; Bryan Barhydt, production manager; Morgan Spurlock, director of “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold;” Brian Hamilton, business development manager; Radim Horak, graphics specialist; and Katie Weigl, marketing director.

KDF was also able to plug itself on the lenticular displays that it produced for the movie.

“No one expects something like this to land in their lap,” says Hoey, of what he initially considered to be a mundane car wrap request. “The key is not to be penny-wise, but pound-foolish. Look for the potential value in your customer relationships. You never know when a banner or poster could be a doorway into something huge.”

As an aside, KDF is also the exclusive print media provider for 2012 presidential candidate The Naked Cowboy. Visitors to New York’s Times Square might catch The Naked Cowboy strumming his guitar wearing nothing but his signature cowboy hat and white briefs. “I’m pretty sure a naked person of any vocation has never held public office before, much less a Naked Cowboy,” Hoey quips, “so, this could be history in the making.” You never know…when it comes to politics, stranger things have happened.

Mark T. Michelson

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