KBA Unveils RotaJET 76 Inkjet Web Press

WÜRZBURG, GERMANY—February 11, 2013—Boasting a raft of technical advancements and in the meantime fully operational, the RotaJET 76 inkjet web press unveiled by Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) at drupa just nine months ago was also able to convince the audience on its first appearance at the Hunkeler Innovationdays in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Given the relatively short development lead time, the prototype of the KBA RotaJET was still not able to demonstrate its full print quality prowess at drupa, but the intervening months since the fair have seen some decisive optimization of the ink feed, ink system, screening and color management. Thanks to very close and intensive cooperation with potential first users from the most varied market segments, the high-speed digital press is now ready for the market. In Lucerne, the KBA RotaJET gave live proof that it has more than bridged any gap to the competition. KBA has also received similar feedback from interested printers who have tested the print quality with jobs of their own either at KBA or other digital print providers. A new rewinder and a new, even more efficient IR/hot-air drying system—both in-house developments from KBA—enhance overall performance and were already integrated into the RotaJET to be seen in Lucerne.

New polymer-based ink reduces capillary effect

An important share in the vastly improved print quality is due to the newly developed polymer-based pigment ink RotaColor. Compared to conventional inks, it significantly reduces the capillary effect (penetration of the pigments into the paper), and that translates immediately into exact print and reduced print-through. KBA is the first manufacturer to use the new polymer-based ink in a high-volume inkjet system. According to the KBA experts, the new ink extends the printable range of untreated papers and offers considerable potential for further quality advances and cost savings in the future. This was also demonstrated admirably by the variety of products printed at the Hunkeler Innovationdays. Project manager Oliver Baar: “We have kept the promises we gave to those interested in the press at drupa. The KBA RotaJET is now well prepared for daily print production.”

Superior precision engineering…

KBA sees essential advantages for the RotaJET 76 compared to competitor products in its precision engineering and the exact web travel. That is the basis for very accurate front-to-back and color register, for example. The possibility to print during acceleration and deceleration of the press also brings a noticeable reduction in waste. KBA marketing director Klaus Schmidt: “It was for good reason that we decided to rely on our own wealth of press engineering and print technology know-how for the RotaJET, rather than simply relabelling one of the many OEM products on the market. KBA customers expect a press which stands up to the tough demands of industrial use, and at the same time does its job reliably, precisely and with ultimate availability even when operating at maximum capacity.”

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