KBA Unveils RotaJET 76 Inkjet Web Press

As one of the leading press manufacturers, KBA will naturally pursue the topics of print quality and substrate flexibility further, and plans to bring high-speed inkjet printing as close as possible to offset. The medium-term objective is maximum flexibility for the users, enabling them to serve not just a limited market segment, but rather the full spectrum of today’s print products with the RotaJET 76. This will involve also continued improvements with regard to process costs, full page-to-page content variability and the impressive format flexibility. The unique combination of capabilities embodied by the RotaJET make it an especially attractive alternative to other analogue and digital sheet printing systems for many applications.

…with interesting options for professionals
The image of a digital print system built for professionals by professionals is upheld by the availability of a web remoistening unit and a coater. The automatic reelstand KBA Pastoline is another interesting option which is not available in this form from any competitor. With the facility for flying changes, the autosplicer lends a considerable boost to performance and can also be integrated into an automated paper logistics set-up with KBA Patras. High-speed inkjet printing with the RotaJET is in this way lifted to previously unknown levels of productivity.

High-speed inkjet with a small footprint

The KBA team was initially none too happy with the very limited space provided at the Hunkeler Innovationdays. As a newcomer, the company had been allocated an area of just 91 m² for its 25-tonne high-speed press (3,000 A4 pages/min.; 85 million A4 pages/month). And that for the press with the greatest output at the show in Lucerne. On the other hand, the small stand did underline the compact design of the RotaJET. Thanks to an intelligent web lead, the press and rewinder are together just 10.5 m long and 6 m wide. It would not have been possible to install other 4/4 presses of this performance class in such a small space.

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