KBA Demonstrates Advances in Makeready, Energy Efficiency and Closed-Loop Color Control #Ipex

KBA Rapidas offer unique features in medium and large format
Many of the products shown in Birmingham reveal that KBA has a clear technological edge over its competitors. For example, the Rapida 106 boasts a no-sidelay infeed, a CleanTronic Synchro high-speed washing system and Flying JobChance in conjunction with DriveTronic SPC dedicated cylinder drives plus enabling software. In large format KBA offers a new energy-efficient VariDryBlue dryer with heat recovery, and simultaneous, dual-beam washing which slashes makeready times. For both formats KBA has developed an online quality documentation and control system, DensiTronic PDF, where a high-powered scanner compares the printed sheet with a PDF of the original. Even the smallest errors and deviations from the original, irrespective of the cause, are detected and documented, this eliminating needless waste.

QualiTronic CC with Instrument Flight®: a new dimension in colour control
Another product making its debut at Ipex in a Rapida 106 is a quality-enhancing closed-loop colour measurement and control system comprising KBA QualiTronic Color Control and Instrument Flight®, developed by Swiss software specialist System Brunner. By prioritising grey balance this new software tool delivers much greater colour accuracy and visually perceptible colour fidelity compared to other systems on the market. The measuring heads are calibrated at the press console prior to impression using Techkon’s SpectroDrive. Control measurements can also be taken on the fly. At the KBA press conference System Brunner director Daniel Würgler explained how Instrument Flight® functions and its benefits over other systems.

Rapida 106: Flying JobChange and other novelties
For many visitors to the show one of the big attractions in B1 is the Rapida 106 six-colour coater press boasting DriveTronic SPC dedicated drives, KBA Plate-Ident plate recognition and register-true positioning with simultaneous infeed, and Flying JobChange. During press demos the presenter launches straight into the press’s manifold technological capabilities because the job change from one football poster to another with KBA Flying JobChange in the fifth and sixth printing units is completed in seconds – much too fast for lengthy explanations. The Rapida 106’s coater is a big attraction for press operators who have to change coatings frequently and don’t want to get their hands dirty. Viscosity-based coating feed control from the console, automatic cleaning of the coating circuit and automated changing of the coating plates are not a given in medium format even with highly automated press lines. Other new features include CleanTronic Synchro, a system for simultaneously washing blanket and impression cylinders during plate change, and a new high-performance delivery, AirTronic, that can be preset remotely from the console and can handle lightweight stock at high speeds, even during perfecting. Since its launch at Drupa 2008 the Rapida 106 makeready world champion has been given a full technological upgrade that places it at the very top of its class.

Rapida 105: popular all-rounder for growth markets
In brisk demand in China, India, the Middle East, Latin America and in many other markets, KBA’s proven Rapida 105, a robust and reliable all-rounder, can be equipped with a speed-enhancing package to raise output to 16,500sph. The five-colour alcohol-free coater version in Birmingham prints postcards and pictures of London. Its automated plate changing, ACR video register control, automatic washing and DensiTronic colour measurement and control deliver enormous time savings during job changes. The Rapida 105 can also be configured with some of the optional extras available with the Rapida 106, e.g. DensiTronic PDF, automatic coating feed, automatic coating circuit cleaning and nonstop facilities at the feeder and delivery. Other flexibility-enhancing options include capabilities for printing lightweight paper from 0.04mm (0.0016in) thick, solid board up to 1.2mm (48pt) thick and corrugated up to 1.6mm (60pt) thick. The Rapida 105’s output and automation options make it equal to or more advanced than any other press in the 16,000sph performance class – including some new launches.

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