KBA Builds New Customers, Exceeds Sales Expectations

The press demonstration allowed visitors to see first-hand the unique automation that KBA designs. The Rapida 106 on the show floor at PRINT 09 featured such automation and productivity as the KBA DriveTronic shaftless feeder, SIS side-lay free side guide, SPC Simultaneous Plate Mounting, and Qualitronic Pro color control system.

Alongside the Rapida 106, KBA unveiled for the first time in North America its new Rapida 75 23 x 29-inch six-up five-color plus coater half-size press. This new superstar model attracted a raft of attention and order activity as it positioned itself for printers who have high print quality expectations as well as specific space requirements. The Rapida 75 is also well-positioned as an environmentally-friendly “green” press since it uses much less energy than any other press in this format size thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

Sitting front and center of the KBA booth was the Genius 52 UV, which was producing jobs on a variety of substrates with a focus on plastic for attendees to samples with them. The Genius 52 UV, the winner of the prestigious PIA InterTech award, has been able to make profit leaders of many print shops due to its ability to print on many diverse substrate ranges in all market segments. Since PRINT 05 KBA has installed just under 50 Genius presses in the U.S. in commercial, packaging, and plastic-producing markets. It is now available with a dedicated coating unit. Customers were intrigued with the combination that the Genius offers: a waterless press, with quick UV drying, ultra-fast makeready and almost no waste.

KBA also promoted its web offset models with Ulrich Wicke, vice president of web offset, who was on hand to discuss the KBA Commander CT press and platform with attendees. Visitors received a one-on-one explanation as to how the Commander CT press allows newspapers to take advantage of producing commercial work as well as print their daily broadsheets.

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