Amid Complaints from Neighbors, Kay Media in Clifton, NJ, Vows to Repair Odor-Causing Press

CLIFTON, NJ—July 25, 2014—It took more than three years of raising a stink about the stench that was overwhelming their neighborhood, but residents of the Delawanna section here may finally be getting relief from a local printer whose faulty piece of equipment has been the source of the blue funk hanging in the air.

Kay Media, whose web press has been plagued by a faulty catalytic converter that resulted in what residents described as unbearable odors drifting into homes that border the Entin Road plant, has pledged to shut the machine until the situation has been rectified, the Clifton Journal reported. The announcement came following a July 18 county health department meeting that included representatives for the printer, Clifton City Council members and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

A new thermal oxidizer will be installed in the press sometime within the next two months. The printer reportedly told officials it would hold off on using the press until the work is done, the Journal said.

The DEP will conduct a test to determine whether Kay Media’s smokestacks are expelling the pungent fumes, according to the newspaper.

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