John Roberts Co. Achieves Fulfillment Accreditation

ALEXANDRIA, VA—June 30, 2010 – Minneapolis-based John Roberts Co. was recently recognized at the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA) Annual Conference in Charleston, SC, for being only the 10th MFSA Fulfillment Accredited company nationwide.

In April 2007, MFSA unveiled the industry’s first fulfillment accreditation program after years of research and development. Accredited companies must complete a comprehensive application seeking documentation in 11 critical general operational areas and an audit of their operations in 14 technical and operational areas, such as receiving,put-away, order picking, order packing, hand assembly, returns, reporting, etc. Overall, the accreditation program has 168 criteria to examine. Applicants must pass all the required elements (55) and 75% of the supplemental elements (113).

The purpose behind this program is to enable fulfillment operators to be recognized for their documented commitment to fulfillment, to help other fulfillment operators improve their operations, and to show customers which companies are the “cream of the crop.”

John Roberts Co. joins Fulfillment Concepts, Marketing Support Services, SGI, Great Lakes Direct, Mossberg & Co., Complemar Packaging & Fulfillment, W.A. Wilde, Corporate Communications Group, and Impact Proven Solutions

Connie O’Keefe, Manager, states, “We sought MFSA Fulfillment Accreditation because we understand the importance of having our processes and procedures stand up to the scrutiny of an outside auditor, of keeping our process improvement bar high and to continue to be watchful for improvements in our procedures and workflow. Achieving the MFSA Fulfillment Accreditation has provided us with an additional tool with which to create value for our customers.”

Founded in 1951 by Robert Keene and John Chelberg, The John Roberts Co. is a leading commercial printer focusing on web and sheetfed printing, digital printing, letterpress, direct mail, packaging and fulfillment services. It operates out of a 226,000 square foot facility and employs over 275. The company’s website is

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